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[와치빌런-60]절대 스크래치가 나지 않는 시계가 있다? 다마스코 DAMASKO DC57

Damasko DC57

Retail: $2,150, 260만원
Move: Eta7750 TOP
Reserve: 48h
WR: 10bar
Size: 40mm
Height: 13.8mm
Lug: 20.00mm
Weight: 90g

Youtube Studio - 1973

Damasko Watches with Silicon Escapements - Two Letters Mean So Much. Watch and Learn #68

In today's video, we will check out the Silicon Escapement on the Damasko DC57 chronograph. What do these two little letters on the dial mean? It's your ticket to true high-end watchmaking that very few brands offer.

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This Flieger Is Made For Watch Enthusiasts - Damasko DC56 Review

Damasko is a small German family owned watch company that makes watches for enthusiasts. Enjoy the review of this Damasko flinger chronograph:)

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