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Are you always trying to find the best deals on car rentals but want to know the insider secrets and tips? I have found the best way to get an amazing discount and coupon on your next car rental from companies like Hertz, Budget and Enterprise!

Don't miss out watch now!

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Annaliese Teschler : $10 uber ride from an airport? That ain't happening anywhere in the US
Stan : This website autoslash showed me the much bigger price , compaire with others . Useless information
Marco Romero : Paradise! Las Vegas!!!
adorabledolldesigns : I just did this. At Alamo with my Alamo Insiders, I got a rate of $444.06 for pick up at the airport- full size. (pay later). $479 USD
Hawaii Turo : Thanks for the info!

Hawaii Turo
Authorize King : Do you have to be 25+ bc I’m 23 and need a car rental for Colorado?
Tee Bee : There's more to AutoSlash than he shows. Go try it out! You'll see the catch
thomas spoon : Did not work for me traveling to LA this site was higher
Daniel Garcia : Tried the auto slash and compared with Costco price. Even though i selected Costco as a membership I have Costco was still $26 lower for same days and time going through their website.
esteban arroyo : I pay $29 a Day or 189 a week for my friend discount. Lol

Rental car ripoffs: Hidden camera investigation (Marketplace)

Three cars, three teams wearing hidden cameras, and one car rental company location with a long history of complaints and overcharging. What happens when we send in our Marketplace team with some savvy consumers to fight back against those extra fees?
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10 Tips with Renting a Car | Top Things to Know Before Your Next Trip!

Renting a car seems like a straightforward process, but it can often be more expensive than expected. We review our top 10 tips when renting a car to save you money and prepare you for any unexpected events.
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Hawaii Turo : Good info!

Hawaii Turo
Douglas Harrislane : you didn't mention about reading all the fine print on the car rental contract AND the fine print on the credit card used for payment . BUYER BEWARE ALWAYS.
Robert hall : C
predrag miskovic : Thanks vert useful
janelle : Great video will definitely be applying these tips when I rent a car!! Also, do you have a recommendation for rental car companies you prefer such as hertz, enterprise etc...?
Jessica Hao : Great video! People who watch this will be really well prepared!!
Worldwide Growing : Nice channel
Hintonbro : If you want to use points, use the credit card associated with the points. Typically you are covered if you pay for the fees and taxes with the credit card associated with the points.
Jorge Baltazar : You look like Teddy from the Hanghover
Cameron Davis : The points thing isn't accurate in my experience. For Chase Sapphire this is the language they use:
"You are covered when Your name is embossed on an eligible card
issued in the United States, and You use Your credit card Account
and/or rewards programs associated with Your Account to initiate
and complete Your entire car rental transaction. Only You, as the
primary renter of the vehicle, and any additional drivers permitted
by the Rental Car Agreement are covered."




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