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The Angkor Temples of Cambodia, presenting a great ancient Khmer civilisation, make up one of the world's most truly staggering places. In this vlog I take an independent day tour of the most well known sites: Angkor Wat (sunrise), Bandeay Kdei, Ta Prohm, Ta Keo and Angkor Thom (Bayon and Baphuon).





- Joseph Beg - Golden Chant
- Jon Bjork - Ethnic Drone 02

Cameras Used:
- Canon Powershot G7x
- iPhone 7

#angkor #cambodia #angkorwat
Rin Thạch : Very nice ! Empire Khmer very wonderful ! Lovely , thanks you
Liro 리로 : Angkor Wat is amazing. I last visited 4 years ago but every scene is etched into memory, I will never forget this place and this video gave me a much needed jolt of travel emotion.
Don Phon : You know more than I do .I was born there ,but I moved to US too young .Thank you for visiting Cambodia !
Bro Heang : Love❤️❤️❤️
Li Ngo : Amazing architecture so well captured by your camera lenses. Thanks for taking us along on your journeys. We're so appreciative of the work you do!
MINO MINO : Every part of the temple are full of details and arts that brought from nature. Just full of details, no parts of the rock are missing details.
Leah Alexander : I love this video!! It brought back memories of when I visited. You did a great job of showing these amazing temples, and no, the video is not to long.
Schneider H : Great video and translation. Beautiful place with lots of history. Grand.
Chanda Nhem : I love Cambodia BN hdtv
Jo Bloggs : Unless you’re desperate to see sunrise at Angkor wat, my advice would be to visit the temples in reverse order. In doing this we had Ta Phrom (the Tomb raider temple) virtually to ourselves. We ended with sunset at Angkor.



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Researchers discover ancient temple was surrounded by a 1-mile long 'mysterious structure' with towers and a giant SPIRAL of sand. Sprawling structures forming the shape of a giant spiral and an ensemble of buried towers have been dug up from the grounds of Angkor Wat, spurring new mysteries about the ancient temple.
andy theGoatman : Gimmie bout a half hour and illtell bout a baked noodle
Denis Mills : The French naturalist and explorer Henri Mouhout was correct. The Khmers no more built Angkor Wat than the Egyptians built the pyramids. The same advanced civilization that built the other megaliths all over the world with technology and astronomical knowledge far ahead of its time built Angkor. It has been shown that the ground plan of the Angkor complex – the terrestrial placement of its principal temples - mirrors the stars in the constellation of Draco at the time of spring equinox in 10,500 BC, which would make Angkor far older than is represented to us. Both the layout of the Angkor temples and the iconographic nature of much its sculpture, particularly the asuras (‘demons’) and devas (‘deities’) are also intended to indicate the celestial phenomenon of the precession of the equinoxes and the slow transition from one astrological age to another. This is called "forbidden archaeology" because it doesn't follow the narrative you are supposed to believe.
bidar tid : I been there , amazing place. But i liked Bagan in Burma more.
J Mills : I prefer my noodle fried
Markus E : They need to look in the waters of Tonle Sap and even as far down as the ocean--especially if there isn't much of a difference in sea level change between the three.
tmastersat : that place needs to be cleared before the trees destroy it
aurel wink : I think that most people think that, these civilizations are from before the flood , at the end of the last ice age, what i say is wich one, there has been at least 3 maby 4 life changeing events over 300 thousands of years, we are getting bits and peases from each, thats why theres so many half build, half carved out , peases of structures that are megolithic type things , but ya.. wake up lol
J Money : I love Angkor Wat . Thanks
Hugo Benito Gonzalez Sucks Donkey Member : I bet he had a man purse in that left hand... just a hunch
H : This has similarities with india because this was a part of ancient India.
Also the smaller cities denote that there was democracy in a primitive form and the kingdom was a conglomerate group of smaller self governing self sufficient cities. They were rich and powerful cities and so they succeeded in spending their resources on building such huge projects.




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